Langres Cheese: A Unique French Delicacy Worth Exploring

Are you a cheese connoisseur looking to expand your palate? Look no further than Langres Cheese, a one-of-a-kind delicacy from France that is sure to tantalize your taste buds. This creamy, washed-rind cheese is steeped in tradition and history, making it a must-try for any lover of fine cheeses. Join us as we explore the rich flavors and unique characteristics of Langres Cheese, and discover why it deserves a place on your cheese board.

History of Langres Cheese

Langres Cheese has a rich history that dates back to the 18th century in the Champagne-Ardenne region of France. It was originally created by monks in the region who used traditional methods to produce this unique delicacy. Over the years, Langres Cheese has become a staple in French cuisine and is now enjoyed by cheese connoisseurs around the world.

Origins of Langres Cheese

The origins of Langres Cheese can be traced back to the lush pastures of the Champagne-Ardenne region, where cows graze on nutrient-rich grass. The milk from these cows is used to make Langres Cheese, giving it a distinct flavor and texture that sets it apart from other cheeses. The traditional methods used to produce Langres Cheese have been passed down through generations, ensuring that each batch maintains its unique taste and quality.

Traditional Production Methods

The production of Langres Cheese follows a strict set of traditional methods that have been perfected over centuries. The milk from local cows is first heated and curdled to create the base for the cheese. The curds are then molded into the distinctive shape of Langres Cheese, with a concave center that is traditionally filled with a small amount of salted brine. The cheese is then aged for several weeks, allowing it to develop its rich flavor and creamy texture.

Cultural Significance

Langres Cheese holds a special place in French culture, with many considering it a symbol of the Champagne-Ardenne region. It is often enjoyed as a dessert cheese, paired with fresh fruit or a glass of champagne. In addition to its culinary significance, Langres Cheese is also celebrated in local festivals and events, where it is showcased and enjoyed by cheese enthusiasts from around the world. Its unique flavor and traditional production methods make Langres Cheese a true French delicacy worth exploring.

Characteristics of Langres Cheese

Appearance and Shape

Langres cheese is easily recognizable by its distinctive concave shape, which is formed during the aging process. The cheese is typically shaped like a small cylinder with a hollowed-out center, allowing it to hold a small amount of champagne or marc de Bourgogne.

Flavor Profile

Langres cheese boasts a rich and complex flavor profile that is both creamy and tangy. The cheese has a pronounced earthy aroma with hints of mushrooms and a slightly salty finish. The addition of champagne or marc de Bourgogne during the aging process adds a unique depth of flavor to the cheese.

Texture and Consistency

The texture of Langres cheese is soft and creamy, with a slightly runny interior that becomes more pronounced as the cheese ages. The rind of the cheese is edible and adds a contrasting texture to the creamy interior. When ripe, Langres cheese has a buttery consistency that melts in your mouth, making it a truly indulgent treat.

Pairing and Serving Suggestions

Ideal Wine Pairings

When it comes to enjoying Langres cheese, it’s important to choose the right wine to complement its unique flavors. For a classic pairing, opt for a crisp and acidic white wine such as Chardonnay or Sauvignon Blanc. The acidity of these wines helps to cut through the richness of the cheese, creating a harmonious balance of flavors. If you prefer red wine, a light and fruity Pinot Noir or Beaujolais would also pair well with Langres cheese.


To enhance the experience of enjoying Langres cheese, consider serving it with a variety of accompaniments. Some popular choices include crusty French bread, fresh grapes, honey, and nuts. These accompaniments provide a range of textures and flavors that complement the creamy and tangy profile of the cheese. For a more indulgent pairing, try serving Langres cheese with a drizzle of truffle oil or a dollop of fig jam.

Presentation Tips

To showcase the beauty of Langres cheese and elevate your dining experience, consider presenting it on a wooden cheese board alongside the accompaniments. Arrange the cheese in a circular shape with the concave top facing up, as this traditional presentation highlights the creamy interior of the cheese. To add a touch of elegance, garnish the cheese with fresh herbs or edible flowers. Don’t forget to provide a separate knife for each cheese so that guests can easily serve themselves without mixing flavors.

Where to Find and Purchase Langres Cheese

Local Markets and Specialty Stores

If you’re lucky enough to live in an area with a strong cheese culture, you may be able to find Langres cheese at your local market or specialty store. These establishments often carry a wide variety of cheeses from around the world, including this unique French delicacy. Be sure to ask the cheesemonger for recommendations on how to enjoy Langres cheese to its fullest potential.

Online Retailers

For those who don’t have easy access to a local market or specialty store, fear not! Langres cheese can also be purchased online from a variety of retailers. Many online cheese shops offer a selection of imported cheeses, making it easy to find and purchase this French delicacy from the comfort of your own home. Just be sure to read reviews and check the shipping policies to ensure your cheese arrives in perfect condition.

Cheese Festivals and Events

If you’re a cheese enthusiast looking to immerse yourself in the world of fromage, consider attending a cheese festival or event. These gatherings often feature a wide variety of cheeses from different regions, including Langres cheese. Not only will you have the opportunity to taste and purchase this unique French delicacy, but you’ll also learn more about the history and production process behind it. Check local event listings or cheese association websites to find upcoming festivals near you.

Recipes Featuring Langres Cheese

Langres Cheese Salad

For a refreshing and flavorful salad, try incorporating Langres cheese into your next meal. Start by slicing the cheese into thin wedges and adding them to a bed of mixed greens. Top with fresh berries, nuts, and a light vinaigrette dressing for a delicious and unique salad that will impress your guests.

Langres Cheese Tart

To create a savory and indulgent tart, use Langres cheese as the star ingredient. Begin by pre-baking a tart shell and then layering slices of the cheese on top. Add caramelized onions, fresh herbs, and a sprinkle of black pepper for a rich and decadent flavor. Bake until the cheese is melted and bubbly, then serve warm for a delightful appetizer or main course.

Langres Cheese Fondue

For a cozy and comforting dish, consider making a Langres cheese fondue. Start by melting the cheese in a pot with white wine, garlic, and a splash of kirsch. Serve with crusty bread, boiled potatoes, and an assortment of meats and vegetables for dipping. Enjoy this gooey and delicious fondue with friends and family for a memorable dining experience.


In conclusion, Langres cheese is truly a unique French delicacy that is worth exploring for any cheese lover. Its rich history, distinct flavor profile, and beautiful appearance make it a standout choice for any cheese board. Whether enjoyed on its own or paired with a glass of wine, Langres cheese is sure to delight your taste buds and leave you wanting more. So next time you’re looking to try something new, be sure to seek out this delicious and one-of-a-kind cheese from France.